Miter Wiz helps anyone achieve perfect, long-lasting mitered tile edges in just seconds. It’s professional, simple to use and inexpensive.


Ask any tiler “What’s the best way to finish corners and edges?” and they will generally say, a Mitered Edge.

However, because you need a wet saw to manually cut a professional mitered edge, it takes a lot of expertise, exceptional skill and requires expensive equipment.

Another way to attempt to cut a mitered edge is by using a grinder – by eye – hoping that you can keep a straight line as you operate a power tool. Not only is it dangerous, it’s impractical and requires a professional at the very least.

Well now there’s a solution!

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The Miter Wiz achieves PERFECT mitered edges – every time!

The Miter Wiz makes it possible to create professional and stylish mitered edges without the need for expensive equipment. It’s safe, and best of all it produces a great looking finish in seconds.

You don’t have a to be a professional tiler to operate the Miter Wiz. It saves time, money and materials.

The Miter Wiz is the SOLUTION.

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Other methods used to miter tiles can cost thousands in expensive professional equipment, and that’s only if you have the skill to do the job yourself. Hiring a professional can cost even more, whereas the Miter Wiz costs only a fraction and can be used over and over again for all your tiling needs.


The Miter Wiz is designed to cut perfect finishes every time. The intelligent design allows you to simply follow the direction of the tile with no guess work. It’s that easy. Other methods rely on hand to eye coordination, wasting time and money when you make a mistake. t.


To avoid hiring professionals we often resort to inferior techniques in an attempt to save time or money. This can be very dangerous when operating power tools without the expertise of a trade professional. The Miter Wiz is a safe and simple to use suitable for DIY and first-time users.


The Miter Wiz is a simple to use tool suitable for first-time tilers, DIY renovators and trade professionals. Simply plug it in and get started and in just seconds you can achieve a perfect 45-degree cut. You don’t need any previous experience to achieve a perfect cut, every time.


By Tilers For Tiles

The Miter Wiz was designed by real, hardworking tilers who understand the importance of time management and perfection. Mastering the perfect mitered finish every time is essential. Minimizing the time spent mastering 45° precision cuts was the challenge.

Intelligent Design

The intelligent Guide Rail allows the user to simply follow the edge of any tile as you make the cut, using the natural momentum of the tool to do all the hard work. The Miter Wiz is lightweight, easy to operate and control.

Compact & Flexible

The Wet Saw is the only existing alternative method to making a perfect mitered tile. The machinery is expensive, bulky, difficult to operate and runs on water and power. The Miter Wiz is a compact handheld ‘plug and go’ tool that can be used on any type of tile.

Tried & Tested

The Miter Wiz has been through rigorous testing through multiple prototype stages to get it to where it is today. Professional tilers used the Miter Wiz everyday on the job to test its performance, durability, reliability, safety and efficiency.



Why Tiles?

Tiles are always the best option for outdoor and indoor areas that are exposed to high traffic, water, mold and general wear and tear. Alternative finishes don’t have the same lifespan or the same advantages that tiles do.

Making Your Choice

When edging tiles, the mitered tile edge is always the best choice for a number of reasons. Not only does it look great, alternative methods damage easily and will often require expensive materials and ineffective techniques. 

Polished Edges

One alternative is polishing the edge of some tiles (not available on tiles such as ceramics), which requires sending the tile off to a specialist. This method is expensive, time consuming and the result isn’t always suitable for every corner or edge. 

Alternative Trims

If you use a plastic or aluminum edge it defeats the purpose of tiling the area to begin with. In two years when the tiles still look great, your plastic or aluminum trim will be worn, scratched and mold will get into the crack where it joins.

Damaging Tiles

When trim is embedded into the grout, the only way that you can fix and replace imperfections is by breaking the tile off and starting again. It makes no sense to break perfectly good tile to replace an inferior material that simply shouldn’t be there. 

Bullnose Edging

A Bullnose finish is an added expense and options are limited as there aren’t materials available to bullnose every job. The bullnose is an old fashioned look that does not have the clean, stylish and modern look of the classic mitered edge.

Glazed Ceramic Tiles

The Miter Wiz leaves a small edge on the tile to protect the glaze. Wet saws and angle grinders don’t come standard with this feature. Without that feature it is easy to damage the glaze or chip the edge which weakens the tile.

The Best Choice

Miter Wiz leaves a biscuit – a tiny gap between the glazed surface of the tile – to avoid chipping or damaging of the glaze. It cuts on a 42.5° angle that leaves a strong uncompromised 45° mitered edge once you add your grout.

Our history


In The Beginning

My dad has been a Australian tiler all of his life. In 1991, he created a homemade device that made mitered tiles easy, simply for his own use. It was so popular that all of his tiler co-workers had to have one.


Years Later

A few years after my dad had retired, I realized just how amazing his invention really was. I soon found out that tilers all over the world are looking for a tool just like this to make cutting mitered edges easy.


The Prototype

With help from my father and leading engineers, we created the very first prototype of a tile tool we soon named the MITER WIZ! We then put it to the test with professional tilers all over Australia to see what they thought.


Patent Pending

After the tremendous success of the first official prototype, we lodged our first patent pending and were on our mission. To take the idea my dad had twenty years ago and share it with tilers all over the world.



A world leader in manufacturing, marketing and distributing, international tool company QEP becomes the first distributor of Miter Wiz. The partnership sees the Miter Wiz go into production for the first time.


Bunnings Warehouse

Miter Wiz is available at Bunnings Warehouse Australia wide! Bunnings is Australia’s leading and largest hardware and home improvement outlet with over 250 warehouse locations, employing over 38,000 people.


International Markets

Fast forward to 2015 and Miter Wiz is now ready to be launched internationally. The product can already be found in several countries including the United States. Look out for the new Pro model set for release later this year!


“The Miter Wiz is a Godsend! It has taken years of experience to master what can be achieved the first time with Miter Wiz. This is exactly what I have been looking for to get the job done perfect every time. I only wish I found it sooner. It’s saved me time, money and the final result is amazing!”

– Jake Thompson (Tiler, 15 years)



Powerful Tool

Powerful Tool

The Perfect Finish

The Perfect Finish

Compact Design

Compact Design

Stylish Look

Stylish Look

Suits All Tiles

Suits All Tiles

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Perfect Every Time

Perfect Every Time

Custom Design

Custom Design


I couldn’t believe my luck when I found Miter Wiz. Never again will I waste my time trying to make perfect cuts by hand with an angle grinder! The Miter Wiz is simply amazing. 

Jason Marks(Melbourne, Vic)

The Miter Wiz saved me so much money and time. I didn’t have to hire a wet saw or a professional to finish my tile edges. I got a better finish from the Miter Wiz for less money and in quicker time.

Ted McFarland(Cedar Falls, Iowa)

I’ve been a tiler for twenty years and I wish I had this from the beginning. I wouldn’t miter a tiler any other way. Even my labourers with no experience get perfect cuts every time.

David O’Brien(Sunshine Coast, Qld)

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